Resisting and Becoming

Resisting and Becoming

During the ACTO 2020 conference two questions were posed:

  1. What are you resisting?
  2. What are you becoming?

The power of reflecting on these two questions is amazing.

Throughout the world and certainly throughout the coaching profession there are many conversations around the ethics of diversity and inclusion.  If we resist engaging on this topic, what are we becoming?  How can we effectively engage and support? Resisting and Becoming

Tim Wise has a great article at and in his Code of Ethics for White Anti-Racists gives 10 suggestions for stronger solidarity.  He talks about acknowledging privilege, developing and deepening connections, being ready to change how we do things, develop accountability structures, give credit for the source of knowledge, share access and resources, donate, get involved, connect our work with our beliefs, practice self-care.

Ibram X. Kendi wrote a wonderful book (reviewed in this blog previously) that provides additional insight and awareness, How to Be an Antiracist.

What are the key takeaways for coaches, coach trainers, and those participating in coach training?  Learn more about diversity.  Seek to understand your clients, their culture, and how they have been and are impacted by biases – theirs and those of others.  Seek to be aware of personal biases and how they show up.  Be aware and learn so that we can be culturally sensitive and ensure we effectively support clients.


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