Creating the Shift


creating-the-shiftCoaching is a great tool for creating a shift from procrastinating or being reactive to taking action and being proactive.  Coach training highlights the importance of a forward focus and includes asking questions so that clients plan proactively.  Coaches serve as accountability partners for follow-through and progress.

What is it about the coaching process that is so powerful for creating this shift?  The three A’s:

  • Awareness – coaches ask questions and give clients the space to think, reflect, consider, and be open to new ideas.
  • Action Planning – coaches ask clients what they will do, how, and when to support them intentionally being proactive.
  • Assess and Adjust – coaches ask clients how they are doing, what worked, what didn’t work, what they want to change, and how they will move forward.

What are questions coaches ask for each of the three A’s?  Coaching certification teaches coaches to ask forward-focused, open-ended, short questions.  For example:

  • Awareness
    • How do you define being proactive?
    • What are the benefits of being proactive?
    • What are the barriers to being proactive?
    • What strategies will move you forward?
  • Action Planning
    • How will you move past the barriers?
    • What resources will you use?
    • What specifically will you do?
    • When will you do it?
  • Assess and Adjust
    • How are you doing with your action steps?
    • What has helped?
    • What has held you back?
    • How will you move forward?

Coaching is about the future and coach training prepares coaches to effectively partner with their clients for a positive, forward focus on planning and follow-through

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