Mapping Your Dream

Shaddae Renee

Shaddae Reneeby Shaddae Renee

Shaddae Renee wrote the chapter “Mapping your Dreams” published in the 6th Edition of Coaching Perspectives, an informative book designed for coaches, clients and anyone seeking coaching.

The chapter consists of three sections:

  1. Visualizing the Dream and Identifying Obstacles
  2. Moving the Dream into Actionable Steps
  3. Leveraging Resources

In each section, I give practical steps to turn dreams into tangible goals and provide tips on execution. Visualizing the Dream is the first step in the process. This can be done by creating a clear sensory picture of the dream. To be successful in pursuit, mental obstacles are identified that one must overcome. I emphasize the importance of pushing through negative thoughts and feelings and creating a system of encouragement and affirmation.

In Moving the Dream into Actionable Steps, I point clients to a series of steps in formulating a plan of action. The objective is to identify a starting point and successive check points on the road to achieving a dream. The reader is encouraged to remain open minded and flexible both during conception of the plan and in execution.

In the final section of the chapter, Leveraging Resources, I identify different types of resources, their importance and the role they serve in the attainment of a dream. Proper budgeting, supportive networks and self-discovery are key components.

For more information on how to map your dream, read the full chapter in Coaching Perspectives VI.

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