Strategy is an approach and often includes a plan of action for moving toward a goal. Strategy

About Strategy:

  • Through exploration and questioning learned during coach training, the client prioritizes goals to focus on creating a strategy.
  • The coach asks questions so that the client plans how to overcome barriers to their strategy.
  • The coach partners with the client so they create specific action plans for their strategy.

Strategy is Important Because:

  • Achieving goals requires a defined strategy and action steps.
  • The coach provides a reality check for the client as they develop their strategy.
  • The strategy is a framework on which to act and for checking progress.

Considerations for Strategizing:

  • The client is asked to list barriers to their strategy and decide how to overcome each.
  • The client considers the resources available and desired to support their strategy.
  • The client decides on action steps for their strategy.


  • The client is their own best expert in choosing their strategy for reaching their goals.
  • The coach provides the process to explore, clarify, and strategize.
  • The client owns their outcomes because they choose the strategy.

Coaches work with clients so that they develop their overall strategies and then define specific actions.  The coaching process moves the client forward to create long-term, sustainable, meaningful change


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