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time coaching blogHow often is time management a consideration in coaching?  For some people part of the decision to have a coach involves having time.  It takes time to create change and take the action steps developed during coaching.  Plus, sometimes people hire a coach to help with time management.  Keep in mind that time is a factor in decisions and in coaching whether or not it is discussed.  (This is the reason the master coach training class includes information on time coaching.)

What resources are available for time management?  In addition to the ‘old school’ pen, paper, calendar, or planner systems, a multitude of software and telephone applications are now available.  During coaching certification class, the option of co-creating a process or tool with clients is also discussed.

What approaches do coaches take?  Sometimes coaches simply ask how clients manage time now.  Alternatively, coaches ask clients about researching options.  In other circumstances coaches ask clients what they want and what works for them and then the coach provides multiple ideas for time management tools.

Given that we all have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year of time, what makes the difference is how the time is used.  Remember, time management includes delegation and prioritization as well as planning.  Graduate coaches can access the resources provided when it makes sense for clients.

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