About Assessment Coaching and Assessment Certification

About Assessment Coaching and Assessment Certification

According to the International Coach Federation, ICF, coaching is, “a strategic partnership in which the coach empowers the client to clarify goals, create action plans, move past obstacles, and achieve what the client chooses.”

Assessment Coaching is partnering with a coaching client to review their assessment, explore their thoughts, identify their key considerations, and create their strategies moving forward. About Assessment Coaching and Assessment Certification

Assessment Certification is being trained to analyze an assessment report and provide a client with the interpretation.

A few more pertinent definitions:

  • Assessments: A validated tool for identifying or measuring specific aspects.
  • Administering an Assessment: Creating and providing the link for a client to take the desired assessment.
  • Assessment Debriefing: The interpretation and review of assessment results by a certified facilitator.

The Steps for Assessment Coaching

  1. Preview how the report is organized – this is easily done with sample reports.  Often providing the client with a few snapshots of the sample report helps them understand what they will be looking at when they see their report.
  2. Provide the client their report when you are with them.
  3. Invite the client to share thoughts, ideas, and considerations as they review their report.
  4. Ask the client what they are learning about themselves.
  5. Ask the client what changes they want.
  6. Ask the client to define their strategies and plan actions.

Many decide on an Assessment Certification for the deeper knowledge, additional resources, to complete continuing education, earn credibility, or create additional opportunity.  The process is simple:

  1. Decide which assessment certification(s) is/are right for you and your clients.
  2. Access the wholesale pricing and pay through the free dashboard provided to you at the Center for Coaching Certification.
  3. Complete the self-paced training.

After becoming certified in an assessment, prepare for Assessment Debriefings with these steps:

  • Review the report and analyze the results.
  • Write notes on your analysis.
  • Explain the report and the meaning of the results to the client.
  • Schedule follow-up coaching (because without follow-up coaching assessments can have a negative impact).

Coach training and coaching certification are a great start.  Assessment Certification builds on effectiveness and creates opportunities for additional work.


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