Coaching for Personal Trainers

Tom owns his own business and is a successful personal trainer.  As his client base grew, he realized he wanted to offer more to his clients.  Tom had heard his clients concerns and excuses in many of the training sessions and he wanted more ways to help them.  He realized they were stuck in self defeating patterns so he looked for a way to help the whole person.  Tom researched and found that life coaching made sense.

Tom was drawn to coaching because it engages the client and fits well with his role as a motivator and accountability partner.  He realized he already had a number of skills for successful coaching work.  As a personal trainer, he understood the importance of proper training and knew this included the coaching field.   He took the time and made the investment to master the skills and achieve his goals by becoming properly certified.

Tom already had a trusting relationship with his long standing clients so he had developed the rapport and knew their personalities.  He decided to add coaching services to his personal training agreement.   He defined the roles and boundaries of the coaching relationship.

Now Tom coaches his clients so they begin setting specific, measurable, and achievable short and long term goals.  They choose to change their behavior patterns and create lasting success.  His clients now have better results and stick with their training.  He finds training and coaching both happen naturally during training sessions.  Tom is now a well-being coach in addition to a personal trainer.  He is more satisfied with his work and his clients are more satisfied with their results.

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