About Coach Training and Certification

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About Coach Training and Certification

The International Coaching Federation, ICF, accredits coach training programs and has requirements for being a member or earning a credential.  While they do not do coach training themselves, they do offer continuing education for coaches.

Coach training and certification is offered through hundreds of different schools.  The most important thing to verify is that the school is accredited by ICF.  Once that is verified, look at the quality of the programs offered, the credentials of the team teaching the classes, how long the training has been offered, and the reviews or testimonials.

At the Center for Coaching Certification, CCC, all programs are accredited by ICF, the trainers all hold an ACC, PCC, or MCC credential, classes have been offered for 15 years, and

At CCC the classes are packed with information, stimulating, and fun.  Additional benefits of the Center for Coaching Certification include:

  • The Center for Coaching Certification is the only ICF-approved program that is also accredited by IACET to offer CEUs (Continuing Education Units – also known as Professional Development Units).
  • A robust suite of coaching tools and resources, available to graduates on the Coach Login page.
  • The opportunity to become a published author by contributing a chapter to our annual book, Coaching Perspectives.
  • Personal dashboards to give multiple assessments including the DISC, EIQ, Leadership 360, and more at wholesale along with extensive resources including facilitation and debriefing guides.
  • The opportunity to contract for the provision of coaching services through Coach-123.

An upcoming free informational webinar on Coaching Certification is offered so you will be able to ask questions and learn about:

  • Coaching Certification
  • Pros and Cons of Training
  • What to Look for in a Coaching Program
  • Opportunities for Certified Professional Coaches

The link to register for the next one is on the home page at: https://www.CoachCert.com

If you are unable to attend the webinar event, there is also a recording on YouTube that covers the same material.  Here is the link to the channel. http://www.youtube.com/CtrCoachCert

For the a-la-carte approach, each program overview and schedule are on these pages:

The application for all programs is at: https://www.coachcert.com/training/coach-training-application.html

For a start-to-finish cohort supporting you earning a credential with the ICF, here are your options:

  • Level 1: Foundational Cohort: Overview
  • Level 2 (for those who already completed 60 hours of coach-specific training) Growth Cohort: Overview
  • Level 2: Advanced Cohort: Overview

For the credentialing cohorts, the schedules and application are at:

To make it easy to look more, here are a few links:

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