Coaching for Customer Service Professionals

Sandra’s business started out great with lots of customers interested in her place, and lots of compliments on her product.  Then, after a few months she noticed business was dropping off. She started leaving comment cards at the front desk and sending out survey emails.  Sandra noticed a disturbing pattern: the customers all complained about the service in her establishment. Some said they felt ignored, others said the representatives had an agenda regardless of the customer’s specific needs.  Still others said they were turned off by the laziness and complaints about the work environment from the representatives.

Sandra realized the importance of addressing this situation immediately. She started reading information on customer service training.  She realized that employee engagement was essential and one option addressed all of her concerns: group coaching.  She hired a professional to come in and coach her employees as a group.  Group coaching gave her employees ownership of the goals and process, cohesiveness as a team, and satisfaction in their work. Sandra also decided to become a Certified Professional Coach to obtain the skills herself for long-term growth and success.

What was the result?  At first, her employees were skeptical and felt they were wasting time.  After the first session they realized they were being given control in the process and decision making of customer service.  Sandra’s employees are now very happy to be part of the success of her business. They enjoy helping customers and celebrate the success of the business as a team.

Sandra earned her coaching certification and she now uses it to further promote her employees’ success.  She now handles difficult situations with ease by treating the person as an individual. Sandra identifies what approach works based on the individual, asks insightful questions, and truly listens to what the individual would like to happen.  Her customers are growing her business organically by spreading stories of the amazing team and service.

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