Book Review of Coaching Perspectives VI

coaching perspectives VI front cover

coaching perspectives VI front coverCoaching Perspectives VI

This book addresses becoming and then being a coach plus the impact of coaching.


The chapters of the book include:

  • The Journey to Become a Coach by Cathy Liska
  • Crossroads of Manager, Trainer, and Coach by Kaleen Barbera
  • Coaching from the Heart by Betsy Laughter
  • Coaching: The Total Package by Jennifer Maxwell Parkinson
  • Mapping Your Dream by Shaddae Renee
  • Career Coaching for Students by Amanda Quayle
  • Career Game Plans by Julie Kratz
  • When It Is Time for Feedback by Linda Clark
  • Coaching the Athlete Versus the Executive by Emily Bass
  • How Coaching Helped a Legacy Business by Kelly Gangl
  • The HR Leader’s Transition to Coach by Cheryl Knight
  • Affirmation for Sustainable Change by Juanita Bulloch

Each chapter is a unique read and is written by a certified coach drawing on their own experience and expertise.

The Good:

This book provides great insights on the coaching profession, how coaching works in comparison to other fields, being authentic as a coach, application of coaching in terms of careers, executives, and businesses, transitioning to coaching, and the impact of the positive focus of coaching for creating meaningful change.

The Bad:

Sometimes the chapters create more questions than they answer.


A great read for those thinking about becoming a coach or who are coaches.

Insightful for those who hire coaches or have a coach.

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