Practical Questions That Affect Choosing Your Coaching Certification Course

Written by Suzanne Mason, Certified Master Coach

After you asked yourself your own reasons for wanting coaching certification and ask about the program and the trainer (as in the previous two blog posts), the next questions are more practical.

  1. Cost-How much can you afford at this moment in time? Learning can be expensive these days but it should not incur any debt on your behalf. Can’t afford a 12 days intensive workshop that costs $5000? How about a course that is delivered by module, online and affordable to you? Work out your budget and stay realistic. If you want to pay only $100, then guess what — you are probably going to get exactly what you paid for.
  2. Time-How much time do you want to put in? Nothing of value gets delivered to you without any effort on your behalf; every single human being has 24 hours in a day so you must carve out the time if you are serious about being certified. Factor in the class time, homework and practicum.
  3. Class format-Do you want the course to be delivered in-person or virtually? How about the class size, big or small? That being said what is big or small to you? Remember that the class size may impact how much time your trainer can give you.
  4. Take action-Found the ideal course for you? Take action and register now!

After I went through this process, I became a Certified Professional Coach and then a Certified Master Coach.  In fact, I would also take this time to shamelessly plug the Certified Professional Coach provided by the Center for Coaching Certification, it is due to take place soon so take action now!

Suzanne is a Life Provocateur whose passion is to provoke life, live with purpose.  She is passionate about personal development and loves helping others discover and unlock the obstacles standing in their way of achieving their full potential in life. 

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