Experiential Learning Activities with the Coaching Process


EXPERIENTIAL_LEARNING_ACTIVITIES_WITH_THE_COACHING_PROCESSExperiential learning occurs throughout coaching sessions in many ways.  As a start, the coach is modeling interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and people skills which is experienced by the client.  Additionally the client reflects on their experiences and learns from the new awareness.

An additional opportunity is to co-create experiential learning opportunities with clients.  Sometimes this means them simply being aware of something in particular as they move through their day.  Other times it involves designing an experience intentionally.  For example, a client volunteering at a soup kitchen may be planned as experiential learning so they are more aware of others, to build confidence, or to engage with giving back.

Co-creating an experiential learning activity starts with exploring and discovery what experience and learning will benefit the client based on their focus and what they want to achieve.  Then brainstorm different activities and possibilities.  Move to researching the options then planning the event.

Be prepared by coaching in advance so the client is ready.  When the client goes, what are they thinking about?  How do they feel?  During the experience what are they observing?  How are they gaining new insight and awareness?

Afterwards debrief in a coaching session.  Invite the client to describe the experience.  Probe and clarify.  Develop a list of their thoughts, new ideas, new awareness, feelings, and meaning.  Ask the client what they will do differently moving forward to apply the learning.

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