Use and Promote the Code of Ethics

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use and promote the ICF code of ethics blogBy Pete Liska

The ICF has a well-established and developed Code of Ethics in place for all coaching professionals.  The ICF’s Code of Ethics is comprehensive and effective.  As long as a coach indicates that they follow the ICF’s Code of Ethics, this will help promote the coaching profession as a whole and that individual coach’s professionalism and interest in the client’s well-being.

When sending a coaching agreement to a client, also send them a copy of the ICF Code of Ethics explaining to the client that it is from the ICF, your membership status, and that you adhere to this Code of Ethics when coaching.  On a coach’s website you can have a link to the (ICF) Code of Ethics (you must give credit to the ICF and state your membership status) with a brief explanation of what the Code of Ethics means and the reasons you adhere to them.

When working with clients or potential clients, talking about and sharing the ICF Code of Ethics, the reasons is it useful and appropriate, and how it will enhance the coaching relationship will improve the client’s coaching experience.  Informing clients will indicate that you endorse and adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics which will hopefully show that you, as a coach, care for standards, standards of conduct and ethics, and especially care for the client, and their well-being throughout their coaching experience.

Center for Coaching Certification (CCC) coaching programs discuss and use the ICF Code of Ethics throughout all areas of coach training.  CCC coaches are well versed in the Code of Ethics with the hope and expectations that they will utilize the ICF Code of Ethics in their own coaching business.

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