Grow Your Coaching Business Based on Your “Why”

We all have personal reasons for becoming professional coaches and then for starting a coaching business.  The set up and planning takes time and a lot of effort.  Through this process of defining who you are as a coach, your mission, your vision, and your niche, it can be easy to forget the reasons why you first started.  This article will remind you of the importance of both remembering your “why” and how to use it to build your business.

Here is my example: I do a lot of community volunteering with a beagle rescue group and work full-time for a non-profit organization that assists families with children or adults with disabilities.  Volunteers and those who work for non-profit organizations tend to seek to help others and may forget about their own desires and potential.  As I watched and experienced the emotions associated with each and people with incredible potential become disheartened, I knew there must be something that would help.  I could visualize the positive impact on each organization when others discovered their unlimited potential.  This is when I took action to become a coach and this is my personal “why.”  It’s helping people!

Reflect on your “why” to maintain and build your motivation for coaching.  Keeping your reasons front and center keeps you going.

Peggi Peaslee

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