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Intentional Living – coaching excerpts from “15 Winning Ways to Better Living”

If you consider where you are today, is it because of intentional goal-setting? Or is it because of chance happenings and random opportunities? Most of us meander through life and accidentally end up where we are now. How many of us work in the job we thought we would have during our school days? Sometimes life is about chance opportunity, other times our outcomes are because of extenuating circumstances. Most of us don’t want to give up the relationships, the friendships, and the past positive experiences we have had, at the same time we do want to pursue our dreams. What keeps us from doing so? Our commitments, family, job, and homes to which we are tied. Do these things prevent us from achieving our dreams?

The reality is you can both meet your commitments and achieve more, even though it is easy to allow obligation to become an excuse. What is really holding you back? Would you believe-nothing other than yourself? Once you choose to live your life intentionally, you are on your way. I imagine people you know might argue the point. I also know those you respect for what they have achieved endorse intentional living whole-heartedly. Both you and those you know through work, home, and community vastly underestimate what is hidden within, your abilities. By living intentionally, you demonstrate the possibilities and positively impact everyone around you. Live life intentionally and achieve what you want by focusing on your goals. The benefits of intentionally living are far greater than just your own success. You positively impact your family, your colleagues, and your friends with each step forward. Everyone wins.

If you had pursued your dreams, those dreams you had when you were in your twenties and thirties, what would your life be like now? Now think forward; a person who lives intentionally focuses on what they want, how to achieve it, and how to positively influence those around them rather than simply going with the twists and turns along life’s path. Each time you move forward intentionally, you effectively accomplish more and live a happier, healthier life. Your success can motivate an equal amount of success in those you love. So what is it you want and how can you most effectively achieve it? Because your life is uniquely yours, only you can make the choices.

Today is your starting point. Beginning now, set your focus and plan. Please allow me to be your guide from the side. Having made so many mistakes myself, I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls of goal-setting and planning, and share a proactive method you can follow to achieve success. The process is surprisingly easy. I refer to it as READY, SET, GO.

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