Listen Intentionally

Listening Skills

listen-intentionally-blogBy Pete Liska

With and when intentionally listening, the focus is on the speaker, not the listener.  The ideal goal is to concentrate on what others, or clients are saying.  This means moving past your own similar experiences and your own thoughts to focus on how they are thinking and perceiving.  Be aware of how they say it and what they are not saying too.  By intentionally listening, you are connecting with the speaker.   Coaching sessions start by asking the client if they’re in a quiet area and free from distractions.  Well, as the coach, you too must be free from distractions so you can give your all to the client.  This way you connect with and listen to the client in a meaningful way, with a purpose.

Intentionally listening means you listen for understanding, to keep in the moment, and moving forwards with the client.   When you are intentionally listening, you become aware of the words, phrases, and verbal behaviors of the client.  When intentionally listening, it will allow you the opportunity to be able to rephrase what the client is saying both to clarify and to help the client hear his or her thoughts, or words to help them continue their journey moving forward.  When intentionally listening, being able to recognize what the client is saying and what it means to them is powerful in helping your client become successful.

The Center for Coaching Certification’s Certified Professional Coach (CPC) coach training includes a class on communication.  Intentional listening is one component of the communication class.  Listening skills for a coach is a huge component of coaching.  Having the basics of the different listening components of communication helps both you and the client as well.

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