Types of Assessments and Inventories

Clients ask about coach training

types of assessments and inventoriesDuring coach training it is fun to learn from others what assessment tools they are familiar with and value.  During advanced coaching certification exploring ideas for creating inventories or other tools enhances coaching work.  What are examples of the different types of tools?

  • Personality Assessments
  • Strength Assessments
  • Interest Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • Skill Assessments
  • Aptitude Assessments
  • Motivation or Interest Assessments

Note: Assessments are typically in-depth and have been tested for validity.

Inventories are typically a checklist with added areas of ranking or reflection.  For example an inventory may ask the taker to rank level of interest, level of knowledge, or priority.  Inventories are useful when choosing what to work on in a coaching relationship or to expand thinking of the client in terms of considerations.

For coaches it often makes sense to have a few checklists or inventories on hand to use with clients.  The types can pull from the above assessment tool examples and also from your coaching niche.  For example:

  • A career coach may list common topics for career coaching and then use it for either a checklist or an inventory with new clients.
  • A business coach often has a number of checklists or inventories to work through with a client.
  • Executive coaches may access tools through the organization, conduct a 360 themselves, or have their own checklists and inventories to use as appropriate.
  • Health coaches may be given access to medical information or may work through checklists and inventories with clients or both.

After completing coach training review the material to consider what inventories or checklists come to mind.  List areas of interest for your prospective clients.  Research assessments and other tools.  Choose which assessments or inventories you want in your toolkit and plan how you will decide what to use with each client.

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