What Motivates Clients?

What Motivates Clients?

If there was one answer that fit every client, there wouldn’t be a great demand for coaching services. Connecting to a client’s individual motivation calls for a clear way into understanding values and vision of each amazing person being coached.

Finding what motivates people can be as easy as asking, “What motivates you?”

Motivation at work is more difficult to find when a client is over-worked and lost in the details. In these situations, asking questions and focused listening are vital. Clients in the corporate world are making decisions all day based on numbers and statistics, and often the movers and shakers are carrying out broad visions of the stockholders or board members. Reconnecting an executive or a manager to their personal motivation is an opportunity to recharge batteries.

What Motivates Clients?Based on research published in Psychopathology, “work performance is rarely connected to the inability to perform activities” (Linden, M., et all, 2010). It is much more closely tied to how motivated an employee is in correlation to the work place, the task at hand, and their management team.

Examples of Questions:

  • How does motivation show up for you?
  • What about this job stimulates you?
  • How do you connect to inspiration?
  • How does your work day begin?
  • What activities reconnect you to motivation?
  • What does inspiration look like in a team?

Understanding how a client sees their role, performance, and connection to their work is significant for a coach to effectively build rapport in the coaching relationship and explore motivation. It supports the success of each individual.

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