Assessments or Inventory?

assessments or inventory

assessments or inventoryCoach training is intended to develop coaching competencies.  Many coaches engage in training on assessment tools and then also offer the assessments to help create awareness.  It is important to note that administering an assessment tool calls for certification in that tool and it is different from coaching.  When a coach offers an assessment it is for the benefit of the client with clear reasons for using the tool.

This means that sometimes the assessment tool is used and other times a different approach is more effective.

What are the options for different approaches?  The answer varies as much as coaching style varies – there are lots of possibilities!  For example some coaches explore through questions.  Co-creating tools with clients is an effective option.  Other coaches create a checklist.  Alternatively a more detailed self-inventory is an option.  What tools a coach has available vary based on their experience, their research, their client base, and yes, how long they have been coaching and adding tools.

As a client ask about the options and consider both pros and cons.  As a coach research the possibilities, reflect on what your clients want and what benefits them, talk with other coaches, learn and apply concepts from coaching certification, and collaborate with clients.

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