Fall for Coaches 2 of 3

Coaching itself focuses forward. Rather than ‘falling back’, what focuses coaches forward? It is funny – each time I think I really get it, I learn something new and realize how much there is still to learn. Continuing to learn keeps coaches current, and focused training is key to how coaches move ahead.

Each coach that is certified with the Center for Coaching Certification is required to complete 12 hours of continuing education every two years to maintain certification. In addition to the free webinars provided, other opportunities abound. Free and paid webinars are listed in so many locations online I am amazed. Discussion groups provide multiple perspectives and idea.

So training is one part of what it takes – remember: Training + Skill + Experience = Excellence. How is skill developed? Training followed by application of the information, followed by evaluating and adjusting. The more the information is used and evaluated the more the experience provides value. Excellence in coaching takes time and effort, and is an ongoing process.

Coaching is forward-focused and it makes sense that coaches themselves focus forward on learning, improving, and achieving. Think about looking for and hiring a coach. Would you knowingly hire someone who does not believe in training?

Do you think it is appropriate for people with no training to call them self a coach? Comment here.

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