Setting the Foundation

At the Center for Coaching Certification, students learn that the competencies of Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards plus Establishing the Coaching Agreement call for coach training to include learning the ethics of developing coaching competencies as well as being ready with an agreement. 

To offer professional coaching services in keeping with these competencies, plan for:

  • Coach Training
    • Identify the skills – ICF’s 11 Core Competencies
    • Study the Code of Ethics
    • Practice coaching methodology
    • Gain credibility
    • Earn trust of coachees
  • Coaching Engagements
    • Develop your agreement
    • Design forms you want to use
      • Coaching Relationships
    • Introductory Coaching Session
    • Planning for the Coaching
    • Pre-Session Prep
    • Questions
    • Post-Session Reflection
      • Reporting to a Sponsor
    • Choose how you will take notes and prepare
    • Setup your workspace
    • Decide on location for coaching
      • Phone or Online
      • Their Office
      • Your Office

There are variables based on your plans to be in business as a coach or alternatively work inside of a company as a coach.  This quick checklist is a starting point in your thinking and planning as you move toward coaching certification and then to offering coaching services.

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