Creating Your Personal Strategic Plan

Creating Your Personal Strategic Plan

Creating Your Personal Strategic Plan by Pamela Howard

Creating Your Personal Strategic Plan came about after reflecting on the work I had done with my professional coach over the past two years. In 2012 my husband died suddenly at the age of 51 years old from a massive stroke. Four months later my ex-husband took his own life, and four months after that my Mother passed away. This amount of personal and professional loss created the need for me to reevaluate where my life was at the time, and what I wanted my new life to look like.

Luckily a client of mine was a professional coach and offered to assist me through the tough months ahead to give me direction and assist me in making the hard decisions. I took on the attitude that the universe had given me a “great cosmic do-over.” As much as I felt the rug being pulled out from under every aspect of my life, I was also able to see my life as a clean slate that I could reinvent any way that I wanted to.

Creating your personal strategic plan is a step by step process of self-discovery. One begins by taking stock of where they are and where they want to be. This is the basis for creation of a plan to get them to their destination. Creating Your Personal Strategic PlanBy answering questions such as “where am I right now?” “where do I want to be?” “what does my new life look like?” and “what are the obstacles keeping me from having the life I want?,” the reader can begin to see their needs and overcome what may be holding them back from achieving their goals and dreams.

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