Coaching and Twitter

Coaches sometimes ask how Twitter applies to their business. When Twitter was first popular, it was perceived as a way for the younger generation to let a group of friends know what they were doing. Now Twitter is used more by professionals and the applications are growing.

For those who are new to it, is a free website that sends a text message to the phone or computer of everyone that follows you at the same time. Professional applications for coaching include tidbits of interest, news, opportunities, special events, recommendations, and information.

As a coach, I use Twitter to send, or tweet, a question of the week. The idea is for each person following to ask themselves the question and for many, they ask others too. This provides value for coaches, clients, and others who follow. It is in keeping with the services I offer. Plus, it is fun! Follow at!/CoachProf and tweet your thoughts.

After you set up a free account, there are several tools to make using Twitter even easier for coaches:, and offer different options for automating tweets, connecting with others, and having your tweets post to Facebook or LinkedIn.

What quick messages that provide value for your ideal coaching client do you plan to tweet?

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