Coaching and YouTube

YouTube has the second largest number of searches online (Google has the most.) So do coaches use YouTube? A quick search on the word coaching and over 39,000 videos come up! Increasingly videos are a preferred format for sending messages. Technology today makes it easy to create a video on your own and professionally filmed videos are more affordable than ever.

What are the opportunities on YouTube? At are videos of participants in coaching certification the program. People want to know what others think of the Center for Coaching Certification and value the different perspectives.
Upload videos from training or speaking programs to afford the opportunity for people interested in your coaching services to learn more about you, your expertise, and your coaching style. Consider creating short videos on the coaching process, your coaching niche, or to provide great perspective for clients.

Think about it: How often have you received an email with a link to a video? How often have you passed on a link? Now apply this perspective to your coaching business: what motivates people to email a video link? Videos are funny, motivating, fascinating, exciting, interesting, and engaging. Videos are used to provide information and educate. Get started – whether with a digital camera, online technologies, or with a professional, practice creating video. Create a free account for your coaching business on What would you like to share that adds value and demonstrates your coaching expertise?

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