Career Coaching Processes

career coaching processes

career coaching processesWhat are some of the processes used in career coaching?

Assessments or inventories – often before starting the coaching part of an engagement, assessments are useful for the insight on skills, personalities, aptitude and interests.  Please not even: some assessments are free online or through services provided.  Assessments are accessed by the client and shared with the coach.  Some coaches are also certified in assessment tools and if they administer the assessment it is in a consulting capacity – the coaching starts afterwards.

Open exploration – either after assessments or as a starting point, an open exploration of interests, opportunities, potential requirements, and considerations in choosing a job supports a focused effort.  Open exploration is used in additional sessions as well for expanding thinking and possibilities.

Refining priorities – the listing and then prioritizing of different categories of information or areas of focus helps clients to refine priorities and thus their strategies.

Working with values – coaches may work with a client to explore their priorities because this influences their long term career focus.

Strategizing – with the information from assessments, exploration, priorities, and values the coach works with their client to effectively strategize how they will move forward.

Planning – with a strategy in place planning specific steps creates the roadmap.

Follow through – a coach serves as an accountability partner for staying on track and for acknowledging progress along the way, then ultimately celebrating successes.

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