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Co-Create the Coaching Relationship

The competencies of Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Coachee plus Coaching Presence build on your ethics and agreement with a focus on adjusting your coaching process to the coachee.

To provide professional coaching services in keeping with these competencies, during the coaching relationship plan to:

  • Ask the coachee how they want the relationship to work.
    • Give respect to earn it.
    • Trust in their abilities to be trusted.
  • Discuss different approaches.
  • Ask what the coachee wants specifically.
  • Define how success is measured.
  • Explore how to communicate, manage accountability, and celebrate successes.
  • Experiment:
    • Practice with questionnaires as a learning tool and a starting point.
    • Use different processes including those described here and various techniques when coaching.
  • Decide if you are offering blended services:
    • Training and coaching.
    • Consulting and coaching.
    • Other professional services and coaching.
  • Research assessments, decide on certification, know about resources to access.
  • Practice being present and dancing in the moment with coachees wherein you listen, rephrase, then ask the next question based on where the coachee is at and going.
  • Refine your skills and tools:
    • Tweak questions.
    • Edit forms.

These specific tips are useful in preparing for and providing coaching services.  Coaching certification is a great start for setting yourself up to successfully use these tips and in coaching continuing education is part of the Code of Ethics.

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