Flexing to Different People

flexing to different pple blogBy Pete Liska https://www.linkedin.com/in/peteliska/

My previous blogs I discussed personality types, examples of these personality types, and coaching different personality types.  I will continue examples of how to coach different personality types so you can be exposed to these examples.

I worked with a friend for a few years named Beth.   From my training at the Center for Coaching Certification, CCC, in the Certified Professional Coach, CPC, program, I identified Beth as a Pleaser first, and Celebrator second.   How did I get to this conclusion?

One day I asked her what job she wants.  She loves children and loves the idea of being an art teacher in elementary or middle school.  She is very creative and has a degree in art.  She is very outgoing, friendly, and reliable, working to help and please others.  She consistently put her family, friends, and work first. She’s very accommodating and at times in the office she takes too much on because her tendency is to say yes.  This is very indicative of a Pleaser personality.

Beth also loves football, participating in triathlons, and having valuable playtime with her children.  In the office whenever a huge milestone was met, or for birthdays or special occasions, she is the first one to bake a celebratory cake or offer to make plans for the team to go out to lunch to celebrate these milestones.  At home she arranges football parties or a children’s day-out with her friends to celebrate her team’s victory or her children’s successes at school. These indicate a Celebrator personality.

My coach training at CCC prepared me to recognize these personality traits both when coaching and also with friends and co-workers.  This aided me tremendously in having a better understanding of what they’re saying, feeling, and their likes, dislikes, and their goals. With Beth I know to be calm when she is a Pleaser and be energetic when she is a Celebrator.

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