Creating Opportunities for Coaching

Creating Opportunities for Coaching

Creating Opportunities for CoachingMany coaches build their businesses with more than one service.  For example, some do consulting and also do coaching.  Others provide training and also offer coaching.  These different services are natural complements for each other.  Additionally, providing one of these services often creates opportunities to provide the other too.

A great service to include is training.  Offering workshops or seminars is an opportunity to provide valuable information, create an additional income stream, and to connect with future coaching clients.  Like speaking, training demonstrates your expertise.  Participants often feel connected and will ask you about coaching.  The key is to provide great content and mention coaching as an opportunity for them as they apply their learning.

For example, if you offer a one hour program online and sell it for as little as $10 per person, for every ten that participate you earn $100.  If you offer a one-day class and sell it for $100 per person then with ten people there you earn $1000 for the day.  The idea is you create the programs and then are able to update and reuse the content on a regular basis.

Workshops and seminars are both an earning opportunity and a great place to connect with future coaching clients.  Consider promoting specific programs to businesses where you ideal client works.  Explore options for marketing a class in your area.  Offer training programs online.  Then, teach people the difference between training and coaching and let them know you are a certified coach.

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