Science of Positivity

Vonetta Wade

by Vonetta Wade, CPC Vonetta Wade

Prior to taking the Science of Positivity course, I thought I already knew enough about positivity.  I’m a fairly positive person, and many people tell me I have positive energy.  I just wanted to learn ways to reinforce what I already knew.  I didn’t know I was in for a surprise.

The class brought meaning to what positivity really means, what it does, and why it’s so important.  I had never thought about these things before.  Positivity is a science.  There is tons of research and evidence surrounding the benefits of positivity.

Positivity is important to our mental health.   Having positive emotions is extremely important to living a fulfilled, confident, and successful life.  Research shows positivity increases energy, optimism, and creativity.  This supports the need for coaches to research, understand, and actively practice positivity, and support positivity in our clients for successfully reaching their goals.

Our brains naturally pay attention to the negative, so a large percentage of our thoughts are negative by default.  The good news is the mind can train the brain.  We have the ability to switch from being negatively reactive to being consciously proactive for operating and responding in positivity by choosing positive language and habits.

Below are a few takeaways:

  • Be aware. Oftentimes, we go about our day on autopilot, not being fully aware of the language we are speaking to ourselves and others.  Because negativity is the default, awareness is a huge first step in our ability to recognize and change it.
  • Once we are aware, we can consciously begin replacing negative language with positive language. For example, instead of thinking or saying, “I can’t” we can choose “I can”.
  • Positive language leads to positive feelings, which leads to positive actions. Again, changing your language can change your brain and can ultimately change your life.  This is powerful information for coaches and our clients.


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