Case Study aligned the second section of the ICF 11 Core Competencies

In this blog series, the case study was set up and is explored in these subsequent posts by considering what happens side-by-side with the 11 Core Competencies.  This is the third of the posts.

  1. Co-creating the Relationship:
    1. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
    2. Coaching Presence

Marie explained that while the 360 evaluation was being conducted, they would start with David’s big picture and explore what he wanted in all areas of his life.  Because their initial meeting laid a solid foundation around confidentiality and process, David was comfortable and ready for the coaching session.  Marie asked David about what he wanted with a focus on the future.  David shared progressively more and found himself talking about things he wanted that he had forgotten long ago.  As he opened up, Marie’s accepting and affirming responses supported David to relax and trust.  Marie probed, used humor, and was completely focused on David.  In their second session, Marie explored with David his process for choosing thoughts and developing habits that supported his goals.  She provided him with perspective on different tools and techniques.  Marie shared her notes with David and he realized how deeply she had listened.  He said he felt empowered by the way all of his goals were pulled together in one big picture.

During the first two coaching sessions, Marie built on the foundation established in their initial meeting to develop the trust, support David openly sharing which expanded the intimacy, adjusted with him in the moment, and demonstrated to David that she heard and understood him.  Through this process the rapport and relationship were co-created.

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