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Get Recognized for Coaching Opportunities

Get Recognized for Coaching Opportunities

Get Recognized for Coaching OpportunitiesCoaching is hot – more and more companies have coaching programs, more and more individuals want a coach, and of course coaches want to connect with the people seeking their services.  How do you effectively create opportunities to build your coaching business?  Get yourself out there!

There are several tried and true methods to become a recognized and known coach.  One of the best is speaking.

Professional membership organizations look for speakers.  Some meet weekly and others monthly.  When they meet there is a guest speaker.  Sometimes you talk for free and sometimes there is a small fee or stipend.  In either case it is an opportunity to get in front of people.  When you provide valuable insight, content, and/or motivation then you earn credibility as an expert.  Then people will ask you for your card.  Sometimes people attending want a coach and sometimes they know someone else who is looking for a coach.

Keep in mind that online presentations are a great way to connect with people outside your area.  For example, at the Center for Coaching Certification we offer free webinars and host guest speakers.  It is a way for you to be in front of our list and it helps our participants too.

In the upcoming blogs are more ideas.

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