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Creating Change

by Beth Donovan –

Most people have attempted changes at some or many points in their lives.  For many of us, it is a daunting task to realize our dreams.  We visualize, we imagine, and we often sidestep the opportunities to create a lifestyle that will support our dreams becoming a reality.  Having a coach supports creating change.

For example, many of us want to reach a goal weight.  We begin with all our passion blazing and we are ready to conquer our food demons for good, only to crash and burn as we despair that diets are failing us or we them.creating change

After many different attempts myself, I achieved a change in weight of 210 pounds without surgery, crazy diets, or extreme exercise! By becoming more aware and balanced, expanding my emotions, experiencing new things, visualizing myself succeeding, and focusing on positive self-talk, I created change.  It was through sane thoughts, realizations, and hard lessons learned that I won my freedom from feeling trapped in my own body.  I discovered life actually does give second chances.

There are a few demons we can conquer with sane thoughts.  The insight that comes from going through the challenge of change to achieve a goal is shared here to empower you – this blog series gives ten secrets to master change that I discovered.  These help when coaching others or are coached.

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