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Affirmation for Sustainable Change

Juanita Bullochby Juanita Bulloch

Is it my personality, my natal chart, the foods I eat, my internal and external environments, or habit that incline me to worry and negativity?  It really does not matter what excuses I give; the real question is how do I and why do I want to maintain a positive outlook regardless of my circumstances?

This is a question I explored in more detail while writing a chapter for Center of Coaching Certification’s Coaching Perspectives VI.

To begin with, I am mentally, physically, and emotionally healthier when I maintain a positive outlook and I certainly find life is much more enjoyable!  Others find me a heck of a lot nicer to be around.  I also express more confidence, am productive, and more willing to tackle challenges.

So now that we have noted some of the benefits, what supports maintaining a positive outlook?  For me, positive affirmations used daily are key.  I love starting my day with statements of gratitude and ‘I am’ statements such as:

  • I am confident.
  • I am easily expressing a positive outlook.
  • I am fulfilled
  • I am mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.

A challenge for you is to start your day by listing at least five things you are truly grateful for and state five positive I am’s.  For a real challenge, do the same thing driving home from work or before going to sleep.

Read the full chapter in Coaching Perspectives VI.

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