Executive Coaching – A Conversation

What happens in an executive coaching session?  Of course each session is unique and is based on what the client chooses to address.  Coaches are engaged to address derailing behavior 12% of the time – here is a representation of what might occur.

Coach:  What do you want to focus on now?

Client: Well, the biggest complaint I am getting is that people think I am too demanding and I think I need to get a handle on it.

Coach: What do you think is behind the complaint or complaints?

Client:  Well I really don’t know.

This is self-limiting because it stops the thinking.

Coach:  If you did know, what do you think it could be?

Client:  Well, I am the manager and so it is my job to make sure they get things done.

Coach:  What else?

Client:  The office is busy and sometimes I just don’t have the time to talk nice with everyone.

Coach:  What else is happening?

Client:  I just don’t know – that’s all I got.

Coach:  OK, thanks.  Describe a typical conversation.

Client:  Well, someone might come in and tell me about a problem they are having getting our delivery from a vendor.

Coach:  Then what happens?

Client:  I just tell them to tell the vendor to make it happen or lose our business.  I guess I am probably mad about it.

Now the client is beginning to figure it out.

After continuing the conversation to explore what is happening and the options, the executive coach focuses on strategy and planning.

The blog post on Wednesday provides an example.

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