Coaching is a Profession; Coaching is a Business

Equipping Managers to Lead

coaching is a profession and a biz blogCoach training serves leaders, HR professionals, and training professionals well as a competency in their current roles.  Coaching certification is often a first step for people to enhance their skill set for their job.

Coaching is also an after career for these leaders and for them and those earning coaching certification to start a business, a big transition is to have an entrepreneur’s mindset.  It means starting a running a business in addition to being a coach.

Sometimes people think that once they complete their coaching certification they are all set and will immediately start coaching.  The reality is that like any other job or start-up business, it takes work to make it happen.

If your goal is to find a job coaching, start immediately, even while you are in coach training.  Watch job boards, network, and start fine-tuning your resume.  Then, after you earn your coaching certification, take action every day until you do have the job you want as a coach.

If your objective is to work independently as a coach, start researching and planning for your business immediately, even while you are earning your coaching certification.  Some things required for a successful business can be completed while you are learning to coach.  Then, when you qualify to be a member of the International Coach Federation and are ready to offer your coaching services, plan your time for running your business, marketing your services, and doing the coaching work separately.

Being a professional coach is one thing and having a coaching business is another.

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