The First Two Secrets to Creating Change

by Beth Donovan, Certified Professional Coach

Creating change takes dedication and effort.  It is possible.

I completed my coaching certification and am a wellness coach, so I will be using the example of someone with a weight goal as an example for going through the ten secrets to change.  The first two are here:

  1. Accept your mistakes and get back on track.

If you were given a speeding ticket, you wouldn’t go around breaking traffic laws all day.  So why blow your day over a slice of pizza?  It’s a progress (not perfection) attitude that will help you.  So the next time you are faced with thinking about how you’ve blown the whole day with a minor offense, just turn around and get back on track immediately.  Immediately is the time to get back on track.  Something is better than nothing.

If you are talking weight loss or exercise, this really applies well.  Any movement, regardless of how much, laps that person sitting on the couch.  If you feel like you are getting nowhere by moving so little, remember that every little move prepares you for the next big move.  When I was at 460 pounds, I felt like I had to do what someone who was healthy and weighed 150 pounds could do in order to exercise sufficiently.  What I found to be true was that 5 minutes here or there added up!  In the very beginning, I was lifting shampoo bottles in bed and just moving my feet.  It seemed futile.  I progressed to walking in my house and some small distances much more easily.

Do you realize that averaging one pound a week yields a 52-pound change in one year?  A 1.5-pound weekly change yields a 72-pound change in a year.  The safe amount recommended is 2 pounds a week and that yields 104 pounds a year.  The change is an average, and changing your weight is often like the stock market in that it goes up and down daily; it’s the overall trend that matters.  Play the long game.  Working with a coach who has completed their coach training provides you support.

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