Coaching Skills for Scrum Masters

Because a Scrum Master is responsible for the team living up to values and processes without direct authority over individuals, coaching skills provide effective tools and techniques.  A Scrum Master, like a coach, facilitates a process, moves others past barriers, ensures focus, motivates, and creates accountability.  The Scrum approach to managing is growing and teaching coaching skills to leaders is growing and the two work together.

A Scrum Master called a team meeting.  The product owner wanted a deliverable within 30 days.  The Scrum Master ensured the commitment to the project was realistic and discussed sprints with the team.  During the conversation, several of the team members where butting heads.  Using the coaching skill of active listening and rephrasing, the Scrum Master ensured clarity of each view point.  Using the coaching skill of working with each person based on who they are, the Scrum Master coordinated a scheduling process.

As the team pushed toward their deadline, the Scrum Master used the coaching skills of developing buy-in and motivating to support productivity.  Additionally, the Scrum Master recognized the progress of the team and initiated a conversation for the team to describe their anticipated success.

The Scrum Master used their coach training effectively in support of their responsibilities and team outcomes.

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