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Coaching Skills for Recruiters

coaching skills for recruitersRecruiting people naturally includes coaching because when talking with a potential candidate it is important to discover their interests and goals.  For many recruiters, there is the added component of career coaching which includes a focus on preparing to apply by developing a resume and practicing interviewing.

What difference do coaching skills make for a recruiter?  Coaching skills provide the recruiter with the tool for recognizing personality and learning styles during a conversation.  Coaching skills enhance listening so that the recruiter is aware of the intended meaning and what isn’t said.  Coaching skills ensure powerful questioning so that the recruiter easily asks questions that provide insight and clarity.

For recruiters that work with potential candidates on their resume and interviewing, coaching skills provide the process for creating focus and ensuring follow-through.  Coaching the candidate means creating the buy-in that result in the follow-through and facilitates achieving the desired results.  For the client or candidate, the recruiter with coaching skills provides additional value.

From a business perspective, coaching skills for recruiters means maximizing the tools and techniques.  Many recruiters are providing coaching without charging for the time.  Coaching is an excellent service that adds value to the work of recruiters. For recruiters that want to expand their service offerings, coaching is a natural business opportunity.

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