Clap for Change

Clap for Change

Clap for Change by Laura Posada

Clap for ChangeChange is a word that is used often. Sometimes you simply use it in a sentence and it is almost unnoticed, and in other instances the use of the word change can be simply terrifying. Consider this: “I will change the shampoo I’m using” compared to “I will change my life”. The word change can be either a simple task or stepping into the unknown. So, what is your relation with this word? Are you brave enough to use it in a daring way and follow thru on your goals to live the life you really want?

If you are, then Clap for Change is a definitely a must read.

As a coach, my goals for supporting my clients encompass a wealth of positive changes: growth, transformation, balance, purpose, and joy. You already have the tools within yourself to bring about positive change, and a coach is there to help you access those tools. Working together, you can achieve the life of happiness and meaning that you envision.

In my chapter for Coaching Perspectives IV you will, with plenty of stops along the way to clap for positive changes!

I firmly believe life is more than simply about accomplishing goals, it is also about the journey and enjoying every step of the way. Take that step towards success and clap to celebrate every victory.

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