Coaching Core Competencies – 10 of 12

The International Coaches Federation, ICF, lists Designing Actions as a Core Competency in the category of Facilitating Learning and Results. On the surface, it seems this might simply be action planning. In fact, Planning and Goal Setting is a separate Core Competency. Designing Actions focuses on learning – learning new skills and habits – one of the many benefits of a coaching relationship.

The professional coach asks the client about their resources to support their efforts: skills, tools, relationships, and logistics. The client inventories skills and habits they have and want to move forward.

A well-trained coach recognizes how coaching serves clients to develop new skills and habits. The process for the client to learn new skills and create new habits includes:

* Exploring desired outcomes

* Taking inventory of current skills and habits that hinder or help

* Considering new skills or habits that will help

* Designing actions to move past hindrances and to acquire desired skills or habits

To support the client’s process for designing their actions to create new skills and habits, the professional coach:

* Facilitates brainstorming

* Focuses systematically

* Explores alternatives

* Challenges assumptions

* Shares perspective

* Empowers decision making

* Encourages stretching and supports action

The coaching process ensures the client Designs Actions based on their objectives.

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