The Basics for Getting Found

basics for getting found blog

basics for getting found blogWhen you are getting started as a coaching professional, in addition to your coaching certification creating an online presence makes sense.  While many hope that a website is how they will get found, do consider how many websites you are competing with for attention.  It is more likely that prospective coaching clients will hear of you, meet you, or see you speak first and then go to your website to learn more.

A website is much like a listing in the phone book and it indicates you are a real business.  It is possible to have a website up and running in a day at very little to no cost.  Alternatively, you can invest tens of thousands on design and programming.  If you opt for a fancy website, then your efforts with search engine optimization will ensure your investment is going to be seen.  For most coaches it makes more sense to have a nice website and invest most of your money and time in other forms of marketing.

Social media is a free way of establishing and growing both your online presence and your network.  It is also easy to get wrapped up in social media sites and lose time.  Be intentional: schedule time to create or update your profile, then plan set amounts of time, for example 15 minutes, for engaging by posting, interacting, and connecting.

When you have organized your business and established your online presence, reach out to your network of colleagues, friends, family, etc.  Let them know what you are doing and ask for their help spreading the word.  Give them specifics on your coach training and on your coaching services.

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