How do people find a Coach? Part 3

The best way to build a business is through word-of-mouth. This has been true for centuries and will continue to play a major role for any business. People enjoy talking about their experiences, good or bad.

While this seems obvious, I forget how important word-of-mouth is to a coaching business! A few months ago I received a phone call because someone I know talked about me; the caller told me that I do a great job and signed-up for coaching. Wow! How exciting to realize that people will send others to me when they know about my experience and my desire to provide a quality service.

What does that mean to a coach? Each person you have contact with, whether or not they are a client, is someone that might refer a client. Does everyone in your network know you offer coaching services? Have you told them about your niche as a coach? When you are out and about, are you open to conversations with people you meet? When you network, are you effectively sharing what you offer?

Most people prefer a referral to proactively searching out a coach. That makes sense! The best way to find a coach is to talk with others you know and trust. Ask them if they know of any coaches, or have any experience with coaches.

How do you build your referrals?

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