Coaching for Marketing Directors

Jackie is a marketing director for a multi-media marketing business.  She has been given creative control on how to run her team.  Jackie was looking for an innovative solution to the obstacles her team faces.  A friend recently earned her ICF-approved Certified Professional Coach designation and Jackie felt the skills and changes she saw in her friend were exactly what she wanted for herself and her team.  Specifically, she wanted her team to come to her with confidence.  She wanted her team to have strong working relationships with each other and colleagues from other departments.

Jackie enrolled in the coach training program.  She immediately began enhancing her skills of building trust, respect, and confidence.  Jackie already understood the importance of the questions marketers ask and the interest they show; coach training helped her understand the art of asking questions while letting the other person lead the conversation.  Jackie now has a process for creating buy in.  She easily challenges her staff to find their own solutions, facilitates goal setting that keeps her staff enthusiastic, and inspires her staff to step up and seize opportunities.  She naturally holds her staff responsible for results while maintaining rapport.

Her team and superiors both benefit from her positive solution-based focus.  Jackie’s team is among the most productive and creative because of her powerful questioning skills.  They are the highest rated in customer satisfaction.  Jackie’s superiors are now implementing a plan to have all Marketing Directors complete the coaching certification program.

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