Changing Priorities

Changing Priorities

Clients change their priorities.  For some, simply exploring what they do want in all areas of their life creates awareness of different priorities.  Tools help clients self-assess what they say is important versus where they put their time and energy.  Clients may be working on goals and circumstances change so their goals change.  Clients may discover they are less than interested in doing the work for what they thought they wanted.  Whatever the reason, priorities change.  Right now, we are experiencing more change than usual because of the circumstances. Changing Priorities

Imagine traveling along a road – your life journey.  You come to a place in the road where it divides and now you must choose which road to continue along based on which is your priority.  You make a choice and before long arrive at a Y in the road where you again must choose a priority to follow.  You realize that the previous choice you made led to this choice, and the choice you make now will determine future forks in the road.  You wonder about going back and testing the other road.  You also want both choices in front of you and are afraid of missing out.  Because staying still isn’t an option, you must choose.  How will you choose?

When faced with competing priorities or the priorities change, what happens?  As coaches, we often partner with clients who change their priorities.  We ask them about their reasons and explore their new priorities.  If priorities change frequently, we notice and invite them to reflect on the observation.  How often do we coaches consider reasons, explore the new priorities, and notice frequent changes for ourselves?  Take time to consider your own priorities and changing priorities!

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