Effective Goal Setting is a Coaching Tool

While goal setting is often discussed and regularly done, knowing and applying specific techniques enhances results.  In the previous blog posts the Meta Programs discussed provide valuable insight.  Specifically, when a goal is focused on what is wanted in the future instead of what is being avoided it is more powerful and success more achievable.

For effective goal setting in a coaching relationship, the coach works with the client to explore their possibilities, current opportunities, and ideal outcomes.  The coach supports the client fully considering ideas by asking questions, which also expands the thinking of the client.  Additionally, the coach asks the client what it means to them to achieve their goals, which supports long-term motivation and follow-through.

The coach works with the client to define their resources (such as skills, tools, and relationships) and their process for moving forward.  Developing a strategy and then a specific list of action steps empowers the client with focus and a plan for how they will move forward.

For a client working with a coach, this process enhances results (because without a coach often the goals get lost among competing priorities).  With a coach the client also has an accountability partner who supports their continued progress toward goals.

The process of effective goal setting encompasses both coaching competencies (such as listening, powerful questioning, and Meta Programs) and technique.

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