Expand Opportunities as a Wellness Coach

by Chris Simon – https://origympersonaltrainercourses.co.uk/blog/

Ten years ago I graduated as a fully qualified fitness trainer.  Back then you could gain passage into the industry with the bare minimum of a Level 2 Personal Trainer certificate.  I entered the industry with what is now considered a minor qualification and I believe that I gained more education with experience in the sector.

I believe that most wellness coaches will feel the same.  Health and fitness coaches bathe in the same pool (pardon the analogy).  There are many similarities between the two because fitness is wellness and wellness is fitness.  Specifically, a personal trainer is defined on www.Dictionary.com as a person who works one-on-one with a client to plan or implement an exercise or fitness regimen.  Wellness coaching, using the definition from the International Coach Federation, is “a strategic partnership in which the coach empowers the client to clarify goals, create action plans, move past obstacles, and achieve what the client chooses.”  The difference is that a personal trainer teaches and creates the plan whereas a coach empowers and challenges the client to discover their own solution.  Both focus on the client.

They are both striving towards a common goal.  So how do they benefit from each other?  They can:

  • Market effectively – This is essential for any coach who is independent. A large proportion of the health and fitness industry resides online.  Learn how to utilize the internet and turn impressions into clicks with a unique combination of fitness and coaching expertise so you stabilize your income in a time of great competition.
  • Expand your business into other sub-sectors – Health and fitness coaching has become a very popular profession. Coaches often develop multiple sources of income.  First, make sure that your revenue streams are inter-related with your service.  If you are a fitness trainer and a coach, you target multiple aspects of the health and fitness market.
  • Gain more qualification – As I said before, when I entered the industry a Level 2 was enough to stand above the rest. This statement is no longer true.  Health and fitness trainers are expected to extend their studies and gain more qualifications.  Similarly, coaches are expected to qualify for ICF membership and earn a credential.  This will attract clients. For example, as a wellness coach with prior experience in nutrition you will fare well in a personal trainer course.  You can then develop and sell complete health and fitness programs.  You will be coaching from start to finish in every aspect of the program.  This will expand your services and stabilize your income.

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