Coaching Articles or Newsletters

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As a coach, writing articles is a great way to demonstrate expertise, get known, and expand your reach for potential coaching clients.  Newspapers, business newsletters, and a multitude of online sites routinely publish articles submitted when the content is of interest and adds value.

Offering a newsletter as a coach is an excellent opportunity to continue developing your relationship with people and expand your database of contacts.  When people sign-up for your newsletter it is because they are interested in the information you offer and they provide you with their email.

To get started, develop a list of topics that are of interest to your ideal client.  Then expand your list by researching online for other articles your ideal client might find and get ideas.  Another possibility is asking your ideal client what they want to read about.  Once you have a list, begin writing!  Articles may be as short as 300 words or as long as 1500 words.  Do explore what is typical where you want to place the articles.

Once you have several articles, begin offering them to newspapers or to businesses that publish their own newsletter.  Create a sign-up for your newsletter and plan what you will include in addition to the articles.  Within each article you write, mention how people can connect with you as a coach.

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