Coaching for Leadership

Coaching for Leadership

Coaching for Leadership by Patti Osvarek

When appropriate, good leaders seek help from a coach. Some hire coaches in areas they lack knowledge or expertise. Others hire coaches to grow and learn how to change habits to help them handle things differently in the future. Hiring a coach empowers the client to discover ideas and solutions in areas of life and work with which they are challenged. This helps the client become aware of repetitive mistakes and begin to shift mindsets. Coaching helps clients with strategies and solutions that can serve them throughout their careers.

How can a coach help clients become excellent leaders?

Coach your client on understanding how to establish good rapport it is a key step to becoming a superior leader, and this begins with developing good listening skills. You may explore a variety of active listening techniques as a way of helping your clients improve their leadership abilities.

Coach your client with using journaling techniques. Journaling is a powerful way to release the negative thoughts and feelings we tend to bottle up inside. Ask your client powerful questions to help them open up and find new ways of approaching the situation. Then, offer them time on their own to reflect on possible solutions.

Effective leaders are passionate about their work. Their passion can easily ignite excitement and creativity in the workplace. When leaders are enthusiastic about what they do, they inspire the same in others. Coaches can help clients identify their passion in the workplace by asking clients powerful questions about what incites their passion which can help stir passion in others!

Coaching for LeadershipLearn more in my chapter for Coaching Perspective IV.

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