A Gift to Remember and Be Grateful

A Gift to Remember and Be Grateful

A Gift to Remember and Be GratefulA Gift to Remember and Be Grateful

When we take time for thinking about gifts and what we are grateful for, we benefit because it puts us in a positive frame of mind.  Being thankful supports productive, proactive thinking and doing.  Examples of how this is applied in coaching include when coaches ask clients what they are grateful for, partners with the client for an action plan that includes the client journaling about what they are grateful for, and how the coach ensures a focus on the positive during coaching.  It truly is a gift to take time to remember and be grateful.

Remembering and being grateful for those who serve in all different ways supports positive encouragement in our communities and in the world around us too.  When we express our gratitude people feel valued and appreciated which in turn encourages them in their work and service.

Apply the coaching competency of powerful questions and reflect on these questions for yourself or ask them of coaching clients or others:

  • What are you grateful for today?
  • Whose work benefits you?
  • Who do you notice serving others?
  • How do people serve in different ways?
  • How do you want to serve others?
  • How do you benefit from being grateful?

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