What are GOALS?

Language and Focus for Creating Meaningful Change

Make the Effort: Market Yourself as a Coach to Earn the RewardsThe time is here when many are exploring their resolutions, objectives, and goals for the coming year.  What does it all mean?  What are the experiences that really matter?  How do you ensure you take time for yourself to consider, prioritize, and plan?  What will it take for you to make it happen?

In the first chapter of Coaching Perspectives II is a process for establishing and achieving goals that parallels the process coaches learn during coaching certification.  Coaching is about creating meaningful change and coach training provides steps that include exploring the gigantic dream and opportunities, then analyzing and listing strategies.

Here is the acronym to help you create your goals:

G = Gigantic – think big and dream

O = Opportunities – expand your thinking and explore multiple opportunities

A = Analyzed – for each possibility analyze the pros, the cons, and the how to’s

L = Listed – list your resources, challenges, and action steps to move forward

S = Strategized – develop your strategies and review your progress to adjust appropriately then celebrate your successes

Enhance the meaning and your experiences by creating time for yourself to intentionally set resolutions and apply a process that works for achieving your goals.

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